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Christian Counselling - Brisbane & Gold Coast

Simon Day

Simon has an Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy.  He has been married for over 30 years to Melanie and has four adult children who are all independent.  He has a background in missionary work overseas and hosted  home churches for many years locally.

Simon has mentored people for many years in small group settings as well as in one on one sessions.  He acknowledges that many men struggle with pornography, masturbation and sexual addiction and provides ministry to those who desire to change in these areas.  He also has completed specialist  training in Dissociation (DID formerly known as MPD); and Deliverance, which have added to his effectiveness as a counsellor.

Phone 0478  717 475  for Christian Counselling  Brisbane, Gold Coast

Our Model & Approach

We are committed to facilitating a counselling process whereby you can overcome problems, bondages and illness and explore new opportunities, and achieve your goals.

We use an eclectic model of Christian counselling. We draw from all that is true and effective in various schools of thought and psychological theory and counselling research.

At different stages of the counselling process we would draw from and use principles from: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, psycho dynamic counselling approaches, family systems theory, personality theory, Theophostic, model (using deliverance as the need arises, Generational Issues. The back bone of our model is drawn for Anazao Layered Legal rights model. Our counselling occurs within a biblical framework and of course using common sense.

We endeavour to get better each and every day at letting the Holy Spirit empower and guide us. He is the healer and the wonderful counsellor and it is a privilege to partner with him in his work to sanctify the ones that he loves.

We believe the bible is the inspired Word of God. And believe it sets forth clearly the character and plan of God for humanity. This is is the biblical framework that sets the parameters on our practise. Like everyone we recognise our interpretation is just that- our interpretation and recognise we may need to change and grow especially in our approach to the more grey area and work towards avoiding dogmatism and being ‘stuck’ in our thinking

There are issues that the bible does not speak directly about or says little about: just to give a few examples “how much Internet is good for me?” “which parenting philosophy or strategy is correct?”… masturbation….boundaries… the role of women in post- modern society….. ?

In these areas however we can still draw on the principles and wisdom set forth in its pages, without taking isolated scripture out of context.

Love, justice, honesty, forgiveness, repentance, consequences of choices, dealing with sins that entangle and bring darkness- all have wide reaching application to relationships, expression of life and communities.

Understanding accurately the person of the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit will help us to know how to respond and think about given issues and situations.

He made us, each one special and unique. He knows the keys to our healing and wholeness.

We are a Christ Centred Service. Please scroll down the page to see our affirmation of core foundational biblical theology.  

Christian counselling appointments are available in Brisbane CBD and Gold Coast (Bundall or Surfers Paradise)

Watch this great short video which conveys powerful truth simply

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To make an appointment  with either Simon or Melanie please call  or text 0478 717 475 (Melanie handles most bookings) If you are looking for a Christian Counsellor in the Brisbane,  Gold Coast or Tweed area please contact us

We also according to invitation conduct mobile counselling clinics in a location near you. Contact us to book.

Our faith is demonstrated by the way we treat each person as valuable and unique.

You can be of any faith or persuasion to see us. We respect your choice and expression of life, and do not push our beliefs or opinions you.

We are a husband and wife team married for 25 years and have four children. Generally you would make an appointment with either one of us, though we do consult together  and at times by request  counsel together.

The model and approach we use flows best when we have some extended time to explore and sort through to the root causes of issues.

So rather than book weekly sessions of one hour over a long period as is often practised we prefer to see you in 3 or four hour sessions (Clients travelling from interstate please contact us and we will see you for the whole day)

We see best results when we counsel with larger blocks of time. This is also cost effective for you as the hourly rate decreases to $70 per hour

So you might see us for a couple of day sessions over several months or some people prefer to book a week at a time, where they achieve considerable freedom and breakthrough, In some cases clients may not ever even need to come back to counselling again. We give you tools and literature to take home with you to support you in maintaining the changes and progress you have made. In essence we aim to do ourselves out of a job as quickly as we can without taking shortcuts or applying superficial band-aid type ministry to deep issues.

So to this end counselling sessions are structured over a four hour period.