First Session

What to Expect

Typically in our first session I would spend time listening, establishing a rapport with you and seeking to understand the issue that has brought you here. I want you to feel as safe and comfortable as you can. I will ask you some questions to help you clarify the issues as you see them. After the first hour or two that we spend together I will make suggestions for best direction we think the therapy should take.

Consent Form And Short Questionnaire

Prior to the beginning of our session we ask you to fill out a client information sheet you can download here and bring with you or scan and email to us

Be Prepared

It is a good idea if before you come that you can think about how you would describe in a concise sentence or two, what you would like to receive from the counselling and describe symptoms, history, incidence of the problem or issue. Some people find it helpful to write a few things down and practise reading out loud. This can be an insightful exercise in of itself

Please come rested, having eaten breakfast. it is ideal if you can take time the night before to journal or have some time out to reflect in preparation for the time we spend together (I do this too)

Be open about your feelings and thoughts

It can be nerve wracking speaking to someone about personal things. It can also be embarrassing. I want to assure you that I am not here to judge you and you probably wouldn’t be able to shock me. I am a person who is growing thorough my own issues as well and need help at times just like you. Talk therapy really does help

Feel free to ask questions

Anything niggling may be very easily resolved if we talk about it

Duration and structure of sessions

The model and approach we use flows best when we have some extended time to “unpack’ and sort through to the root causes of issues. So rather than book weekly sessions of an hour and half over a long period as is often practised. We see best results when we counsel with larger blocks of time. This is also cost effective for you as the hourly rate decreases.

For best results and time efficiency for those travelling to see us , it is useful to book a week of sessions on consecutive days of that week.  Client’s report giving time to comprehensively address issues is where they achieve considerable freedom and breakthrough, And may not ever even need to come back to counselling again. We give you tools and literature to take home with you to support you in maintaining the changes and progress you have made. In essence we aim to do ourselves out of a job as quickly as we can without taking shortcuts or applying superficial Band-Aid type ministry to deep issues.

Or you might see us for a couple of four  hour sessions over several months.Some who live local and lack other support structures, or facing stressful situations  also prefer fortnightly shorter sessions So to this end- counselling sessions are structured wit various options for you to select (If money is an issue for you you may be eligible for a payment plan) In cases of extreme financial hardship concession may be available.

If you can please download print and complete clientinfosheet.pdf and bring with you