Marriage Counselling

Marriage Counselling

The following is a list of articles, handouts and tools that we often refer to in your marriage therapy. this list is continually being updated, so be sure to keep checking back


Every couple could benefit from marriage counselling. Your marriage is meant to be a source of blessing. Even good marriage relationships could grow into great marriages with a bit of therapy from a professional marriage counsellor.

Statistics indicate that  many couple realise they have significant marriage issues in the first month of marriage . The majority wait six years before seeking marriage counselling. Sadly many are divorced by the seventh year.

It seems crazy that so much preparation, time and money goes into planning for the wedding and very little energy is put into preparing for your life together

Most us have no idea how to be in a healthy intimate relationship with our spouse. Educators  don’t run classes at schools or colleges and often our own parents and family of orign did not provide much of an example either .

A secret we will share  with you today is this: When you get married you create a new identity as a married couple (marriage counselling can help you develop this identity to be wonderful and mutually satisfying). Sounds obvious but really many couples do not think or act like they are really “One” Of course you are still individuals, this is retained but successful marriages create a share “we”.

Last updated 28 July 2015