Family Therapy recognises that most issues have an impact our our spouses, children and extended family. Families function  as a complex system and recovery and healing are best approached when all members are active participants of therapy processes.

Counselling days can be booked and various family members utilise one or two  hour sessions with in that day. Group Sessions, Mediation and Counselling session are also available within this context.

Marriage counselling can form part of family therapy sessions ( this is a cost effective way to receive couples counselling)


Two hour appointment  $240 ($120 per hour) . Unless it is your first visit in which case the first 2 hr session is discounted to $200

A four hour appointment $340 ($85 per hour)

Book whole day for $420  (  70 per hour)

Day sessions are from 8:00 am to 2:45 pm with 30 minutes lunch break and a short morning & afternoon tea break. Starting and finishing time can be negotiated to allow for travel time and avoiding peak traffic.