Personal Therapy

One Hour Session


Subject to availability

Two Hour Session


15 minute break included

Four Hour Session


Several breaks included

Zoom Session


Two hour appointment

Please note all fees need to be paid prior to the session, starting and finishing time may be negotiated to allow for travel time and avoiding peak traffic.

One hour appointments may be offered subject to availability. Usually appointments are organised in multiples of two hour slots. We understand that younger people may need shorter sessions

Cancellation of face to face appointments
Except in extreme circumstances, If you need to cancel an appointment, we require 2 weeks notice (ten business days) otherwise 50 percent of the fee will be charged. For no shows or cancellations of five business days or less the full fee will be payable. . Like wise zoom appointments we require seven days notice if you need to cancel or change the time (small adjustments in starting time may be possible) . If you are offered a stand by or last minute appointment no shows or cancellations the full fee is due. So please only book with us if you are sure you can attend and you have planned accordingly.
Thanks so much for your understanding,
We highly recommend you book an extended session as clients report that they get best results when we have a chunk of time together; it is also more economical for you, and easier to plan for with the time away from work, travel etc. We have discounted these sessions to be as affordable as possible.
If finances are an issue for you, talk to us about a payment plan.
Discounts may be offered in certain situations in cases of hardship and in particular for people: under twenty five without family support; those unemployed; working part time or affected by COVID 19. The cost for these sessions are $55- $88 per hour with some conditions and subject to availability . Not available for the first visit session. 

Please note Simon (ONLY) does accept mental health plans/GP referrals. The gap payment is from $44 per hour session

We give you tools and literature to take home with you to support you in maintaining the changes and progress you have made. In essence we aim to do ourselves out of a job as quickly as we can without taking shortcuts or applying superficial Band-Aid type ministry to deep issues.